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Our Story

At 24k Deliciosa Vida Tequila, our passion for tequila and the rich traditions of Mexico fuel our commitment to producing exceptional spirits. Our story begins with cherished childhood memories of family gatherings, where Mezcal and tequila were shared with esteemed guests, always in moderation and with respect. As time went on, life took us to California, where we pursued education and careers, almost forgetting the vibrant heritage of Mexico. It wasn't until later in life when my son reached college, that we embarked on a transformative journey to reconnect with our roots by traveling extensively throughout Mexico.


Located in Amatitan, Jalisco, near the renowned Tequila volcano, lies the original Rancho Santa Rosa—our proud home since 1942. This region in Central Mexico, adorned with numerous volcanoes, benefits from past eruptions that have bestowed mineral-rich and nutrient-dense soils, ideal for cultivating our tequila's distinctive flavors.

Generations of the Real family, starting with Doña Rosita, Don Vicente, and their son Vinicio Real Rivera, and now continued by the grandchildren, Roberto and Fernando Real, have garnered widespread recognition for crafting exceptional tequilas. Our dedication to quality has earned us esteemed accolades, such as the Silver medal for our Reposado tequila and Ultra Añejo, as well as the Platinum medal for our Añejo tequila at the 2014 Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival. In addition, our Ultra Añejo received the prestigious Double Gold Medallion at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the same year. Under the 24k Deliciosa Vida label, our blanco/silver tequila proudly claimed the gold medal in 2023.

Main Tequila Production Regions


Production Process

Tequila, an alcoholic beverage originating around the 16th century, has evolved from the practices of Mexico's indigenous people influenced by Spanish culture. While there are over 200 varieties of Agave, tequila is exclusively crafted from the "Blue variety tequilas Weber agave." Maturing for approximately six years, the agave plant is carefully tended by skilled workers known as "Jimadores." They remove all the leaves, leaving behind the heart of the plant, called the piña, resembling a pineapple. Within the piña, the natural sugars are concentrated, forming the foundation for the tequila-making process.


To achieve the desired flavors, there are three distinct methods of cooking the piñas. The methods are as followed:

CONO: method involves below-ground cooking, resulting in a smoky flavor commonly associated with Mezcal.


MAMPOSTERÍA: technique utilizes a brick room oven, where heat emanates from underneath.


AUTOCLAVE: method employs a giant, food-grade stainless steel cylinder filled with piñas, which are cooked through high-temperature steam.


Once cooked, the agave undergoes various shredding methods to release and extract the sugars necessary for fermentation and the initial production of natural alcohols. We proudly source our Blue Weber Tequilana agaves from the mineral-rich volcanic earth near the Tequila Volcano, enhancing the distinctive characteristics of our tequilas. The stunning fields that compose the Rancho Santa Rosa showcase the land where our exceptional tequilas have originated since 1942.

Our Products


Our tequila collection encompasses a range of exquisite options:

  1. Silver Tequila: Our Silver Ingot Bottle 24k Deliciosa Vida tequila, which received a double gold medal award in May 2023 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, is the perfect choice for mixed drinks and shots (caballitos). It is directly distilled without aging and contains no added sugar.

  2. Reposado Tequila: Encased in the distinctive Rose Gold Ingot Bottle, our Reposado tequila undergoes slight aging between two months to under a year in Bourbon American oak barrels. This rest period softens its flavor, resulting in an exceptional smoothness suitable for any occasion.

  3. Extra Añejo Tequila: Aged for an impressive 42 months in Bourbon barrels, our Extra Añejo tequila represents the pinnacle of refinement. The aging process allows for the natural flavors and sugars to develop, offering an unparalleled sipping experience without compromising the distinct agave essence. Our Extra Añejo is presented in the elegant Gold Ingot Bottle, symbolizing its status as the Gold Standard of Tequilas.



Among the diverse agave varieties in Mexico, Agave Cenizo holds a special place. Predominant in the Mezcal production of Durango, this medium to large agave/maguey features rosettes measuring up to 1.8 meters in diameter. With its green leaves, prominent spikes, and rough texture, the Agave Cenizo matures after six years and may produce a central flowering stalk reaching 2 to 5 meters. This distinct variety has been integral to Mezcal production for over half a century and is registered and typical of the region.

At 24k Deliciosa Vida, we take immense pride in our brand history, commitment to quality, and the rich traditions that have shaped our exceptional tequilas. Join us on a journey of taste, heritage, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Tequila's fame and importance in the international market led to the creation of a "Denomination of Origin," ensuring the protection of its title, origin, and prestige. Similar to other esteemed protected regions like Champagne and Cognac in France, Tequila's appellation of origin safeguards its name and geographical significance. It encompasses multiple regions within Mexico, including the volcanic area of Tequila, where our rich lands in Amatitan contribute to the production of exceptional tequila.

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